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Limited Bus Routes Information

Periodically throughout the year, Watauga County Schools will have a weather delay or early dismissal.  Please check the WCS website, Twitter, or your local radio/news station to hear changes to the school schedule.  If we are on a delay, then we might run a "limited bus" schedule.  This will be announced alongside any delay announcement. 

Please check the links below to see whether or not your road is included in our limited routes.  Keep in mind that drivers can use his or her discretion while in route.  If the driver feels a road is not safe, then the driver is not obligated to travel any specific road.  We will do our best to keep you informed of any route changes as they occur.  Please be proactive and have a plan in place should the bus not be able to safely make it to your normal bus stop.

Many times, bus routes can be extended beyond limited routes in the afternoon.  To check the current status of afternoon bus routes, click here.


Limited Routes "A" - By Bus Number & Road Name

Limited Routes "B" - By Road Name (Rarely Used)

Limited Routes "B" - By Road Name with Approximate Stop Times